Equilibrium Maximus

H 750mm x D 2000mm

A centre pin table with a circular tabletop and a conical hexagonal prism base. The tabletop features segments of veneer that produce a radial effect. The table base has a large sheet metal foot that can be made from brass or nickel. The table is shown above with a polished brass base and shima-shima bamboo veneer.

Built by hand in England.

The radial veneer pattern on the table-top, shown here in our "shim-shima" engineered veneer, can be specified in a wide range of finishes.

The Equilibrium's metallic base, shown here in polished brass, can also be ordered in brushed brass, patinated brass and polished nickel.


All of our furniture is built to order. Our current lead-times are 8–14 weeks. Please contact us directly for prices on this piece.

height : 750mm
dia : 2000mm


Brass – Brushed
Brass – Patinated
Brass – Polished Unlacquered
Nickel – Polished
Fumed Oak
Shima Shima
ABW – Black Ebonised Gloss
ABW – Black Ebonised Satin
ABW – Chocolate Ebonised Gloss
ABW – Chocolate Ebonised Satin
ABW – Natural Oiled Light
ABW – Natural Oiled Dark