Axial Bookcase

H 660mm x D 650mm

A rotating bookcase that absorbs many books in an elegant fashion.

It is shown here in three variations: French polished European Walnut, blackened limed and waxed oak and limed and waxed oak each with patinated brass details.

Built by hand in England.


The top of the Axial features a decorative radial veneer design.

The Axial is shown here in blackened and limed oak with patinated brass details but can be made to order in a wide range of wood and metal finishes as seen below.


All of our pieces are built to order, lead times are generally 8 – 14 weeks.

height : 660mm
dia : 650mm


Brass – Brushed
Brass – Patinated
Brass – Polished Unlacquered
Nickel – Polished
Oak – Blackened and Limed
Oak – Limed
ABW – Limed
ABW – Blackened and Limed
Fumed Oak
ABW – Black Ebonised Gloss
ABW – Black Ebonised Satin
ABW – Chocolate Ebonised Gloss
ABW – Chocolate Ebonised Satin
ABW – Natural Oiled Light
ABW – Natural Oiled Dark
ABW – Blackened and Limed Veneer
Shima Shima
Tamo Ash